Our Obligation to You:

We will strive to provide a safe and welcoming space for all members of the community to enjoy, to help us achieve this we commit to but not limited to the following:

1) Follow all licensing objectives (Protection of children from harm, Prevention of crime and disorder, The prevention of public nuisance & Public Safety) and conditions of our license.

2) Provide a warm and friendly service, understanding and maintain confidentiality where reasonably possible and where maintaining confidentiality will not put yourself or others at harm.

3) Ensure 24h CCTV monitoring is in place throughout the premises and recordings are maintained for a minimum of 31 days. (Review the CCTV policy HERE)

4) Provide a clean and hygienic environment for patrons to enjoy by completing regular cleaning schedules and checking toilets regularly where possible.

5) Operate a zero tolerance policy on drug use within our premises. Anti drug use controls are in use and any suspected drug use will be challenged. Anyone found to be using illegal substances in our premises will be reported to the relevant authorities and removed from the premises.

6) Promote responsible drinking habits by monitoring consumption of alcoholic beverages and making judgements on a persons intoxication to refuse service of more alcohol.

7) Operate a challenge 25 policy, where anyone looking under the age of 25 may be asked to verify their age by use of one of the following Photographic ID methods:

  • 7a) Passport
  • 7b) Driving License (either provisional or full)
  • 7c) Proof of Age Standards Scheme card (PASS)
  • 7d) Certain non UK identification cards (upon managerial approval)

8) Challenge any inappropriate behaviours including but not limited to: Verbal Abuse, Inappropriate Comments, Inappropriate Touching, Intimidating actions or behaviours.

9) Complete random bag searches on customers entering our premises by trained personnel or customers already within our venue where suspicious have been raised.

10) Work with any relevant authority (Councils, Police Forces etc) where reasonable to protect our customers, staff and neighbours. 

11) We do not allow anyone under the age of 18 years old on our premises after 9pm and any minor under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Under no circumstances do we allow the sale of any alcohol related product for consumption by an under 18 even when consumed with a table meal.

Your Obligation to Us:

By using our venue you are consenting to the following terms and understand that breach of these terms may result in your removal from the premises or being potentially barred from entry to the venue indefinitely.

  1. You will consent to producing valid personal photographic ID when requested to do so by either door staff, bar staff or any other member working for The Forbidden Fruit.
    1. Valid forms of Photographic ID are:
      1. Passport
      2. Driving License (either Provisional or Full)
      3. Proof of Age Standards Scheme Card (PASS)
      4. certain non UK ID where approved by a manager.
  2. You consent that you may be subjected to random bag searches by trained staff members of staff upon entry or if suspicions are raised while you are in the venue.
  3. You consent to the staffs right to refusal for the sale of alcohol based on their perception of intoxication level. (it is a crime to remain in a licensed premises after a license holder has requested you leave.)
  4. You consent to the alcohol sale licenses and will not provide any persons under the age of 18 alcohol. This is classed as a proxy sale and will be recorded and details provided to Sussex Police where required.
  5. You consent to refrain from using any illegal substances anywhere on our premises and understand that we do deploy anti-drug use products. You also understand that if found to be using illegal substances you will be removed from our premises and details will be sent to Sussex Police where required.
  6. You consent to refraining from causing any harm to another person while in attendance of our venue, including but not limited to Staff, Customers, Contractors, Neighbours etc by way of verbal, physical or mental abuse as well as any other action which can potentially endanger another person.
  7. You consent to refraining from bringing your own alcohol into the venue for consumption and understand that if found this will be removed and disposed of.
  8. You consent to refraining from causing any form of damage to the premises by acts of malicious or intentional means. This includes any damage to fixtures and fittings, Doors, Walls, furniture, Electronic appliances including WiFi, Till Sytems and Card Machines.
  9. You consent that under no circumstances will tabs be provided and if you are without means to pay for any products purchased these products will be removed from your possession.
  10. You understand that breaching these terms and conditions may result in your immediate removal from the premises and any remaining product may be removed.

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